Olivia Tincani Bio

I am an educator. I aim to inspire and empower food and farm entrepreneurs with a holistic understanding of their beautiful business. I am a perpetual entrepreneur, a winemaker’s wife, a teacher’s daughter, a mother, a grower, a recovering restaurateur, a dedicated responsible carnivore, a parishioner of nature, a systems addict, a curious learner, and a nomad. My hands are always in the dirt and my skin in the game.

My love of agriculture was born in my father’s tomato garden in California and my uncle’s backyard vineyard in Italy, and I began farming full-time at the age of 24. In 2005, I moved to Georgia to found Farm 255 , a groundbreaking “farm-and-table” restaurant and bar in Athens, Georgia with its own organic vegetable farm and cooperative pasture-based meat business. We launched its subsequent spin-off Farm Burger, currently operating 13 locations in the southeast and on the west coast, and swiftly expanding. In 2013 I became President and partner of San Francisco-based firm Fare Resources, helping to transform Fare from a consultancy into a full-service local and sustainable food management company. I founded my own consultancy in order to focus on teaching farmers, ranchers and food business operators to be holistic thinkers, savvy business-people, and engaged community leaders. I take a deeply collaborative approach to all projects, simultaneously teaching and learning, while empowering entrepreneurs and strengthening organizations. I frequently partner with consultant colleagues and educators with a range of expertise to fulfill project needs.

I am on the Advisory Board of the National Farm Viability Conference, was a founding Board member of Kitchen Table Advisors and have served as an advisor and community organizer for grassroots, non-profit organizations including Slow Food, CUESA, The National Young Farmers Coalition, Georgia Organics, Compassion in World Farming, and The Greenhorns. A proud nomad, I take on projects internationally and split my time between western Sonoma County, California and our family farm and winery in the Valtènesi region of Italy.



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Honors & Speaking Engagements

Livestock Conservancy Summit Workshop Organizer “Mature Meat” {2015}

CUESA Schoolyard to Market Program Guest Instructor {2014}

Yale Sustainable Food Project “Chewing the Fat” Series Guest Speaker {2013}

University of Georgia:  Guest Lecturer in School of Law, Agricultural Economics, Nutrition, Rec & Leisure Departments {2009 - 2012}

Terra Madre Delegate, Slow Food International {2006, 2010, 2012}

Stone Barns Young Farmer Conference Workshop Organizer, “The Chef/Butcher/Farmer Connection” {2008 & 2010}

Chefs Collaborative Summit Workshop Organizer “The Profitable Whole Animal: Maximizing Revenue in Slaughter & Usage, The Farmer/Butcher/Chef Connection” {2010}

Glynwood Harvest Award {2011}

Slow Food Nation Changemaker {2008}

Lifetime Achievement Award, Heritage Foods {2008}

Selected Writing

THE NEW FARMERS ALMANAC VOL. 3 “The Black List,” The Greenhorns, Chelsea Green {2017}

WALLPAPER* “History as Sous Chef” {2011}

CIVIL EATS, “Changing Roles in the Local Food Economy” {2011}

MEATPAPER, “Killing” {2010}